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Dear ELFers and wannabe ELFers:

I’m saddened to announce that ELFEBikeConnection is not selling used ELFs anymore.  I’ve supported and perpetuated this ELF community since November 17, 2019; and it has been with great pleasure and pride to do so.

Onto another phase for this Granny!  It’s now time for me to travel while I can; complete my children’s book of short, scarry stories; do projects around the house; maybe some more Jazz drumming with Hubby; continue painting, gyming, and gardening. 

There is a slight possibility of restructuring ELFEBikeConnection into a subscription-based resource for repairs, parts replacement and how to market a used ELF.  This will depend on time and cost.

My sincerest farewell! Best wishes for good health, happiness and ELFing!

CHECK OUT THE NEW SECTION ENTITLED 'How to Sell Your ELF'  see top menu  

ELFEBikeConnection was the national marketing resource for used ELFs.  These unique and rare electric trikes  are no longer being manufactured.  
They have now become a Collectible!

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ELFEBikeConnection also offered assistance for maintenance, work-around parts, repairs, advice, and suggestions.  Upkeep is ideally accomplished if you have mechanical and electrical abilities; otherwise, one will want to seek out a good E-bike shop or knowledgeable friend.  A monthly Newsletter was emailed to all Subscribers.



This is the logo for our knowledgeable ELF owners who can assist you with repairs, offer suggestions, troubleshooting PLUS the above menu tab entitled 'Shipping/Support Info' offers valuable information.

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