JUST LISTED  AA639 V 1.8 Gogi Red 2FR, $5,499., Manufactured June ’16 with 1,889 miles, located in Durham, NC –-750W motor, 100W solar panel (not working), (2) batteries (15Ah original BMZ and new 16Ah battery with 2 chargers), ABS panels front/back, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, headlights, signal and brake lights, rear fender, toe clip pedals, rechargeable defrost fan, scratch resistant front windshield, lockable trunk, dashboard, Schwalbe Fat tires front, Schwinn Pedicab rear tire, folding Wolverine Mountain tire spare, half doors and supports 350 lb. payload.           Pertinent info:  not garaged, solar panel replaced in ’18, new rear free wheel and cog, body crack upper doorway right side, replaced brake pads & handle for turning Elf.

AA639 left side.png
AA639 right side.png
AA639 rear.png
AA639 front.png
AA639 handlebars fan.png
AA639 back seat.png
AA639 handlebar to turn ELF.png
AA639 rear fender.png
AA639 battery 2.png

BACK ON THE MARKET AFTER A REPAIR & THOROUGH CHECKUPAA430 version 1.7 Goji Red 2 seater, $5,800. Manufactured June 2015, Mileage only 426 miles, Located Cary, NC – 750W motor, 100W solar roof, black carbon fiber safety panels, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, NEW 16Ah battery, Cycle Analyst, replaced 24x3” Kenda Kraze front tires and 26x3” Kenda Flame rear tire, side mirrors with LED signals, headlights/signal and brake lights, phone holder, 12V/USB port, ELF customer Security Cover, lockable trunk, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lbs. payload.  First owner; always garaged.

AA430 2FR side view.jpeg
AAA430 2FR view into front distant.jpeg
AA430 rear view.jpeg
AA430 front view.jpeg
AA430 2FR Hemming  C.A..jpg

FOR SALE   AA562 Version 1.7 Goji Red 2 seat Limo, Price $5,350., 1,916 miles, Manufactured Oct.’15, Located in Nashville, TN. – 750W motor, 100W solar roof, ABS panels front and back, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci Transmission, LED side mirrors with signals, 3” Fat tires, scratch resistant front windshield, 15Ah original battery, headlights, signal and brake lights, new brake pads, dashboard, lockable trunk and flooring to support 350 lbs.  Always garaged. 

Horn not working, few scuffs, tiny crack.

AA562 back.jpg
AA562 left side.jpg
AA562 main screen c.a..jpg

NEW OFFERING  AA026 Vers. 1.0  PRICE $1,999.  Wasabi Green Solo, Manuf. July ’13 with approx. 3K miles, located in Auburn, ME –   3 speed Sram, 60W Solar Panel, 750W motor, upgraded steel antlers, refurbished 10A BMS battery, marine grade plywood panels (front, back and trunk lid), disc brakes front and back, lockable trunk, dashboard, rear tire and rim replaced, new Hub, Continental T&C front tires, Maxiss Hookworkm rear tire with extra rim,  needs a shifter (currently stuck in 3rd gear), body cracks near right fenders.   Garaged except for almost a year.  Original owner moved so wants to sell.   

AA026 Hansen right side - Copy.jpeg
AA026 left side view of seat (2) - Copy.
AA026 handlebars.jpeg
AA026 broken left mirror.jpeg
AA026 Crack on right side.jpg

JUST SOLD   RELISTED  AA202 V 1.0 used Mango Orange Solo ELF, Price $2,350, Manufactured Spring 2014, Located Beaverton, OR– 750W motor, 60W solar panel, Nuvinci CVT transmission, phone holder, rejuvenated 10Ah BMS battery, upgraded steel antlers, Kendra fat tires, black carbon safety panels front/back, lockable trunk, headlights, signal and brake lights, dashboard and has payload of 350 lbs.    Deficiencies:  Solar panel not charging, side mirror needs replacement, cracked fender (replacement available soon).      Unique cross between a car and a bike needing a handy owner.

AA202 left front view.jpg
AA202 Solo front view AZ.jpg
AA202 Inside pedals antlers.jpg
AA202 damaged left fender.jpg
Morse seat.jpg

SOLD IN ONE DAY!   AA358 V. 1.7 Goji Red CoPilot with only 62 miles; Price $5,000, Manuf. Feb. '15, Located in Scottsdale, AZ;   750W motor, 100W solar roof, 2 working batteries (one new), ABS front and back panels, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Schwalbe 26" puncture resistant tires, 12V/USB port, Cycle Analyst, dashboard, lockable trunk and supports payload of 350 lbs.  Great buy; first owner always garaged.  Owner wants to sell as soon as possible.  WON'T LAST

AA358 side close u p.jpg
AA358 left side into cockpit.jpg
AA358 right side .jpeg
AA358 handlebars dash.jpeg
AA358  Copilot Scottsdale.jpeg
AA358 C.A..jpeg

NOW SOLD  AA603 Version 1.7 Mango Orange ELF Solo, Asking Price $2,999. ‘as is’, manufactured Spring 2016, estimated mileage under 800 miles,  located in Norfolk, VA – 750W motor, 100W solar panel roof, gray ABS panels front/back, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT Transmission, 11 Ah BMZ original battery, customized ELF cover, Kenda Fat tires, manufactured ELF half doors, dashboard, lockable trunk and flooring to support 350 lb. payload.      Battery takes a charge but most likely needs replacement; condition of systems undetermined; stored outside under customized ELF cover.   This orphan ELF needs to be brought back to life by a new owner with electric bike experience.  Resources for most work-around parts and repairs available.

Morse side view close up.jpg
Morse handlebars.jpg
Morse front view.jpg
Morse battery cage.jpg
Morse seat.jpg
Morse inside front seing dashboard.jpg
AA656 Tactical 2FR Epstein.jpg

Representation of ELF Cover

NOW SOLD  K045 Wasabi Green Solo ELF, Price $1,700., Manufactured Oct.’13, located in Portland, OR – 750W motor, 60W solar panel, replaced steel antlers and side mirrors, includes uninstalled new ELF Informer for electronics readouts, gray ABS front/back panels, Fallbrook Nuvinci Transmission, 10Ah BMS orig. battery plus 10Ah BMZ original battery, 26” Continental T&C front tires/26” Maxxiss Hookwork Fat tire, lockable trunk and payload of 350 lbs.  Current issue:  electrical system not functioning but can be troubleshooted with ELF Informer (new purchase not installed).  Second owner

DETAILS FOR ELF INFORMER -  https://www.tonkaproducts.com/product-page/elf-informer-motor-controller-with-sb-50-connector-solar-charger-in-rear

K045 front w solar panel.jpg
adjustable seat.jpg
K045 ELF Informer.jpg
K045 right front.jpg
K045 right fender damage.jpg

NOW SOLD -  AA582 version 1.7 used Arctic White 2FR ELF, $5,499., Manufactured March 2016, Located on Amelia Island, FL, Mileage under 50 miles - 750W motor, 100W solar roof, silver carbon safety panels, 11Ah BMZ battery, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 26" Schwalbe tires, headlights, signal and brake lights plus side mirrors with LED signals, phone holder, lockable trunk, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lb. payload.  Issues: one headlight and brake lights not working.  Original owner; always garaged.

AA582 side with dog.jpeg
AA582 side - Copy.jpeg
AA582 front 2FR FL Cotter.jpeg
AA582 battery reading.jpeg

  JUST SOLD   Used AA360 Version 1.7 Used Wasabi Green CoPilot, Priced at $5,100., Manufactured Feb. 2015, Located in Jamestown, KY, Mileage 48 - 750W motor, 100W solar panel, standard ABS panels front and back, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT Transmission, Cycle Analyst, 15Ah original BMZ battery (kept charged/stored indoors), 24X3" Kendra Kraze front tires/26x2.5" Maxxis Hookworm rear tire, black wheel covers, headlights, signal lights, brake lights, lockable trunk, phone holder, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lb. payload. Always garaged; original owner! 

AA360  rt view.JPG
AA360 front.JPG
AA360 C.A. 2nd reading.JPG
AA360 rear.JPG
AA360 handlebars_dash.JPG
AA360 back seat.JPG

NOW SOLD   AA354 Version 1.5 Arctic White CoPilot 2 seat ELF, Price $4,995. or reasonable offer, manufactured Jan.’15,  appx. 1,200 miles, Located in St. Pete, FL750W motor, 100W solar roof (new), gray ABS panels front/back, added Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 15Ah original BMZ battery plus 20Ah E-Triko battery, new front tires, Maxxiss 2.5” Hookworm rear tire, white wheel covers, lockable trunk, dashboard, LED signal side mirrors, steering rod re-welded, headlights, brake and signal lights, flooring to support 350 lb. payload.  (new components installed: solar panel, Gensen charge controller, spring-loaded chain tension, splash guards, rear vent and fan and (2) 12V/USB ports.   Stored outside, typical body scratches, no accidents, 2nd owner.  Video available upon request.

AA354 Right side view.jpg
AA354 Copilot FL Knudsen.jpg
AA354 handlebars with CA front screen re
AA354 2nd battery .jpg
AA354 battery cage and pedals.jpg
AA352 front seat handlebars.jpg

JUST SOLD!   Used K23 Wasabi Green Solo (upgrades 6 mths ago**), Price $2,000.  Manuf’d summer 2013, appx. 3,000 miles,  Located in Durham, NC - 750W Motor, 100W Solar Panel**, Steel antlers, Fallbrook Nuvinci  Transmission 3.14 (upgraded pedal assist) transmission*, Cycle Analyst 3.14SG (solar edition)*, ABS panels front/back, (2) batteries- new  Grin battery ** and 10Ah BMS original battery,  driver’s seat**, 2 disc brakes**, brake pads**, headlights**, all chains**, base runner flooring controller**, free wheel **, Schwalbe tires, black wheel covers, rear window replacement**, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lb. payload**.  Existing issue:  Ignition switch installed but needs an adapter in lieu of key to activate the lighting system.  Original owner; stored in garage.  This ELF is almost a new ELF inside the original body.

K23 Alston ELF - Copy.JPG
K23 rt. side view - Copy.jpg
K23 Front View (2) - Copy.jpg
Old Battery Display.jpg

SOLD  AA656 Version 1.8 Used Arctic White 2 seat Tactical ELF, a rare powerful model; $6,995.  - Manufactured August 2016, Mileage 291, Located St. Michaels, MD -  1,250W motor, 100W solar roof, carbon fiber safety panels front and back, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Cycle Analyst, (2) 15Ah BMZ batteries and chargers, Headlights, Signal lights and Brake lights, dashboard, 24x3" Fat Tires, white wheel covers, scratch resistant windshields front and back, front and back disc brakes, phone holder, custom ELF security cover, 12V/USB port, ELF custom half doors, lockable trunk and flooring to support 550 lbs. payload.  Seal on front windshield needs regluing.   Original owner.  

AA656 Tactical rt side.jpg
AA656 Tactical left side.jpg
AA656 read.jpg
AA656 Tactical back seat.jpg
AA656 battery_solar.jpg
AA656 Tactical 2FR Epstein.jpg


AA597 V 1.8 Mango Orange Limo, <100 miles, new battery, garaged Located in Cincinnati, OH  new owner South Carolina

AA402 V 1.7 Wasabi Green Solo, 2,500 miles, body damage, 2 batteries Located in Pleasanton CA. new owner one city over.

AA711 V 1.9 Wasabi Green Solo, 200 miles, new battery, $4695.  Located in Gardnerville, NV; new owner San Juan Capistrano, CA

AA390 V 1.7 Goji Red Solo, 99 miles, new solar panel, seat cover, tires, price $4,695. Located in W/S, NC; new owner NYC

AA509 V.1.7 Mango 2FR, 260 miles, doors, garaged, clean, $5,690. Located Corvallis, OR; new owner Eugene, OR

AA599 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, 1443 miles, solar not working, minor repairs, $3,980. Located in Columbia,MD-new owner in OH

AA501 V 1.7 Wasabi Limo, less than 200 miles, 2 batteries, Price $5,650. Located in Waukesha, WI-New owner in Omaha, NB

AA583 V 1.7 Goji Red 2FR, 450 miles, new battery, Located in Salt Lake, UT priced at $5,975.  New Owner in Boise, ID

AA224 V 1.5 Wasabi Solo, 1383 miles, 2 batteries, Located in Durham, NC priced at $3,900. New owner Princeton, NJ

AA471 V.1.7 Wasabi 2FR, 172 miles, loaded, Located in Austin, TX, priced $6,100.  New owner in Northern TX

AA571 V 1.7 Goji Solo, 300 miles max, new battery, Located in Clinton, IL, priced at $4,200., New owner Birmingham, AL 

AA494 V.1.7, Wasabi 2FR, 4 miles, not inspected; bad battery, Located Charlottesville, Priced at $5,200. New owner, Nashville, TN

AA126 V.1.0 Wasabi Solo, 60A solar, 3 spd, approx. 300 miles, Located Hoover, AL; priced at $1,000. New owner Roanoke, VA

AA652 V1.8 Goji 2FR loaded, 1,995 miles, Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Priced at $6,200.  New owner Richmond, VA

AA130 V.1.0 Wasabi Solo, est. 1,000 miles, 3 speed, minor repairs, Located Durham, NC.  New owner Upstate NY

AA534 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, est. miles 15, some accident damage, Located Asheville, NC, Asking $5,200. New owner Sylva, NC

AA751 V.1.9 Wasabi Solo (loaded), 9 miles, Located Rockford, IL, Asking $4,750.  New owner in Baltimore, MD

AA256 v.1.5  Solo Mango, est. mileage 200, 3 speed, non working battery, Located in ME, Asking $2,250. New owner in Maine.

AA710 v.1.9  2FR Arctic White, only 4 miles, Located in Valdez, NM, Asking price $5,850.  New owner in Colorado 

AA534 V. 1.7 2FR Arctic White,10 miles, Located Wilmington, NC, Asking $5,890.  New Owner in Asheville, NC 

AA667 V. 1.8 2FR Goji Red, 11 miles, Located in San Jose, CA, Asking price $4,900. (wanted fast sale).  New Owner in Southern, CA

AA444 V. 1.7, 2FR Wasabi Green, 61 miles, Located in Durham, NC, Asking $5,700.  New owner in Cocoa Bch, FL

AA537 V.1.7 Wasabi Solo 361 miles, located in Nashville, TN Asking $4,380, New home Spain 

AA538 V1.7 White 2 seat Tactical with 1,250W motor, 730 miles  Located in Nashville, TN Asking $5,500. New owner Spain

AA703 V 1.9 2 seat Wasabi Green 2FR, Mileage  , Located Belfast, ME  Asking $6,900./sold in 3 days.  New Home Mechanicsburg, PA

AA625 V 1.8. 2 seat White Copilot  Approx. 2,000 miles Asking $3,200. or reasonable offer  Located in Maine  New home W. Mass. 

AA491 V 1.7. 2 seat Wasabi 2FR, 6 miles only, located S. Oregon, Asking was $5,250.   New home S. Oregon

AA441 V. 1.7 Goji Red Solo, 122 miles, located in Raleigh, NC, Asking $4,650.  Sold to new home in Coon Rapids, MI 

AA421 V.1.5  Arctic White 2FR, 67 miles, located in Birmingham, MI, Asking $5,200.

AA534 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, approx. 10 miles, located in Wilmington, NC, Asking $5,890.  Sold to new home in Asheville, NC

New owners comments:     

Thank you for your service. You are an asset to the ebike community. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your help in the sale of my ELF.   William from Pleasanton, CA

A special shout-out to Debbie Naves who “midwifed” the sale via her business  https://www.elfebikeconnection.com/   My own history with ELF and OT begins here, and in my case at least her help and encouragement was essential to me and seller closing the deal. The original owner of this mid-2016 AA625 commuted throughout Maine winters, and so it comes with a set of studded snows (not on yet).  Before recent rains melted the top half, the ELF sat comfortably in its snow garage. Today I took it to work for the first time.          Kevin Hale of Leeds, MA December 2019

Seller's Comments:

"Deborah at ElfBikeConnection was a great help in selling my Red 2FR. She already had all of the details of the bike ready to go, so posting my ad was as simple as listing my serial number and giving a few photos of the bike. She coordinated with potential buyers to have them come and test-ride the bike, and the bike was sold expediently. I wish selling a car was this easy!"

Guy of San Jose, CA  Feb. 20 

This, and the whole process with you and Danny and Serena, has been been remarkable and has totally surpassed my expectations. Please feel welcomed to use this for the website. Happy to elaborate further.     Peter new owner in Asheville NC

"Cowabunga!  My ELF sale languished elsewhere, but Debbie's OT experience and marketing savvy made all the difference, and in short order, too - so grateful!"
Pat in Jacksonville, Oregon

Debbie;  Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in arranging the sale of my ELF.  You did a great job!!

Thanks Again,  Woodie     10/14/20  Birmingham, AL

"I give Debbie a five out of five. She is super efficient, responsive, and helpful. Things worked fast and they worked well.  Rob S."  8/5/20

I’m happy to let anyone who’s interested know that I very much appreciated Debbie's service; so much so that I added a premium to your standard fee.  Just ask Debbie to contact me.

Rick in Birmingham, MI

Anything that deals with the ELF Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable!! She sold our ELF in record time for an extremely fair price and walked us through every step of the way!We couldn't more highly recommend her !!!  Danny former ELF owner in Wilmington.

Mileage 6 miles.jpg