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AA329 V.1 Goji Red (Demo) Solo -  hardly driven ELF, $4,899. manuf. Nov.’14, garaged in San Jose, CA -  750 W motor , 100W solar roof,  black carbon bumpers, Fallbrook Nuvinci 360 CVT transmission. New 20Ah battery, 12V/USB port, phone holder, Fat Tires,  good antlers, hard to find black wheel covers, Bamboo flooring (uninstalled), dashboard, lockable trunk, headlights, signal and directional lights plus spare tires/tubes and misc. hardware.  What a rare find preserved just for you for Valentine's Day.
AA329 Solo Angled front.jpg
AA329 Solo Gomes San Jose.jpg
AA329 Solo right side seat view.jpg

AA136 Version 1 Arctic White Solo with good antlers, Price $2,450. manufactured in Feb. 2014 and  garaged in Fayetteville, AR – 750 W motor, 100W solar panel, 3 speed SRAM, ELF Transformer system monitor,  Fat tires, 3 batteries batteries and chargers that take a charge, full see through zipper doors,  full support pedals, headlights, signal and brake lights, misc. parts, lockable trunk.  Deficiencies:  Solar panel and systems not inspected, one fender missing, and a doorway stress crack that is repairable.  Deceased owner took care of his ELF and added desirable extras.  This is an ‘as is’ sale; support info. available for inspection and repairs.

AA138 right side.jpg
AA138 front view 100 w solar.jpg
AA136 rear.jpg
AA138 Solo Arkansas Watson.jpg
AA136 left side.jpg
AA138 hanndlebars.jpg

SOLD    AA407 V. 1.7 Wasabi Green Solo ELF $3,999.,  manufactured in 3/19/15 located in Flagstaff, AZ - upgraded/powerful 72V battery 20AH and motor system, 100W solar panel, ABS panels front/back, new 26" front tires/original rear tire, Cycle Analyst re-installed 2 years ago.; exterior in good condition; apparent low mileage;  wiring for converter setup (electrical diagram avail.); extra chain and sprockets included, lockable trunk, dashboard and has 350 lb. payload.  Offers increased durability and power!

AA407 Solo left side.jpeg
AA407 inside.jpg
AA407 rt side.jpg

SOLD    AA151 V.1.0  Mango Solo $2,999. or reasonable offer; manufactured March ’14, unknown mileage located near Baltimore, MD, updated antlers, 100W solar panel, 750W motor, black carbon fiber bumpers, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 10Ah original battery plus newer battery (72V) and 2 chargers, Kenda Kraze Fat tires, headlights, brake and signal lights, dashboard, lockable trunk,  side cargo shelves and payload of 350 lbs.  Includes open trailer.  Estate sale - no inspection but at least one battery tkes a chargbut was operational Feb. 2022. Seat cover replacement can be purchased for $165. or one can wrap seat frame with rip cord.     Exterior well maintained. 

Ralston Solo side.JPG
Ralston Solo handlebars.JPG


AA431 V. 1.7 Wasabi Green 2FR with only 155 miles in Jacksonville, FL  $4,999.  manufactured June ’15 – 750W motor, 100W solar panel, newly refurbished 15Ah battery, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, carbon fiber bumpers, phone holder, 12V/USB port, Fat tires recently replaced, side mirrors with LED signal lights, dashboard, lockable trunk, headlights, rear brake and signal lights.  It is not obvious the solar panel is charging, one side mirror broke off .   A hard to find and well preserved 2 seater!

AA531 back view.jpg

JUST SOLD    AA209 Arctic White Solo V. 1.0,   $2,500. with good antlers, manufactured June ’14, located in Miami,  FL 750W motor,100W solar panel (non-working), Fallbrook Nuvinci Transmission, Cycle Analyst, black carbon safety panels, less than 1 year old battery, Fat Tires recently replaced, lockable trunk, dashboard and payload of 350 lbs.   Rear window cracked, needs horn, brake lights need a wired to be connected and sensor missing for mileage tracking on Cycle Analyst.   A rare and novel bike that’s like a car but no gas!   A great price for a  mostly working rare ELF!

AA209 side view.jpg
AA209 other side.jpg

SOLD  AA752 latest Version 1.9 2FR Wasabi Green ELF $5,199. manufactured in Nov.’19 with approximately 1,240 miles, located in Key West, FL – 750W motor, 100W solar roof, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Cycle Analyst monitoring system, ABS panels front and back, 2 16AH batteries and charges, Kenda Sunlight Fat Tires, headlights, signal and brake lights, lockable trunk, dashboard and payload of 350 lbs.  Deficiencies: missing side view mirror, signal and brake lights not working.   Well appointed, RARE two seater!

AA407 seat.jpg

 SOLD   AA489 Solo Arctic Version 1.7, Arctic White Solo ELF, $3,000. As Is – Garaged inside by the City of Texarkana. Was used for food delivery for a while but not been used in a while. Manuf. Oct. ‘15 with original 15Ah battery not working, 100 solar panel (untested), silver carbon fiber safety panels front/back, 3" Fat tires with fairly new tubes, LED side mirrors with signals, headlights, brake and rear signal lights, dashboard, aluminum side trays, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission and a 350 lb. payload..

Solo Texakana.jpg
ELF-4Texakana Solo .jpg
AA489 Solo Texakana.jpg

SOLD    AA662 Mango Orange Version 1.8 Solo ELF, $4,199.   Manufactured in Aug. 2016.  located in Cary, NC  stored under a cover -  750W motor, 100W solar panel replaced about 18 months ago, Cycle Analyst, Mileage of 2,123, refurbished 15Ah battery, Schwalbe tires (2 yrs old), Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, silver carbon fiber bumpers, headlights, brake and signal lights plus side mirrors with LED signals,  lockable trunk, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lb. payload.    Original owner   Well  cared for and all in working order..

AA662 Pumpkin Patch Cary NC.JPG
AA662 Solo Lumsdon Cary.jpg
AA662 Solo rear.jpg
AA662 battery.jpg
AA662 main screen Analyst.jpg
AA662 Solo seat.jpg

SOLD   AA480 V. 1.7 DuoTone Atlantic Blue 2FR,  $5,200.,  manuf. 9/15, mileage 1,999., stored under a deck in Loveland, CO – 750W motor, 100W solar panel (not tested), Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Cycle Analyst, silver carbon fiber safety panels, 2 batteries (15Ah original/newer 2nd one), hydraulic brakes, Schwalbe tires, white wheel covers, 12V/USB ports, headlights, signal and brakes lights, dashboard and flooring to support 350 lb. payload.   Original owner not used in 2 years, no accidents.  An extremely rare ELF because of the DuoTone exterior and upgrades.  Won’t last. !

AA480 lft side.jpg
aa480 RT SIDE.jpg
AA480 front view.jpg

SOLD IN 3 DAYS   AA683 Version 1.8 2FR Wasabi Green ELF, $5,300. garaged in Bellingham, WA, with 460 known miles, manufactured Oct. 2016 - 750W motor, 100W solar panel, Cycle Analyst, gray ABS panels front/back, 15Ah battery replaced in 2018, headlights, signal and brake lights, 26" Schwalbe tires, lockable trunk, dashboard, and 2 USB ports.   Cover included.

AA683 other side.jpg
AA683 handlebars.jpg
AA683 rear.jpg

SOLD      AA652 V. 1.8 Goji Red 2FR with MAG wheels, $4,999.  manuf. 8/16, in Richmond, VA – 750W motor, 100W non-working solar panel, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Fat tires, black carbon fiber bumpers front/back, 15Ah battery with decent charge, scratch resistance rear window, 12V/USB port, LED side mirrors with signal (rt. side broken), headlights, brake and signal lights, dashboard, lockable trunk, fairly high miles, payload of 350 lbs.   Body in good shape.  What a way to get around!   More photos soon.

AA652 rt side.jpeg
AA652 front view.jpeg
AA652 rear.jpeg

SOLD     AA340 Version 1.7 Mango Orange CoPilot ELF $3,850. located in Lansing, MI and manufactured Jan. '15  equipped with 750W motor, 100W damaged solar panel, 15Ah original battery, Marathon Schwalbe 26" original tires, approx. 600 miles, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Cycle Analyst, black carbon fiber safety panels front/back, 12V/USB port, headlights, signal and brake lights plus side mirrors with LED signal lights, dashboard, lockable trunk and flooring to support 350 lb. payload.   Fender has broken piece saved and the right door frame has a crack (photos avail.)  New Kriyptonite lock included. 

AA340 Co.Pilot side view.jpeg
AA340 handlebars.jpg

SOLD  -  AA360 Version 1.7 Wasabi Green 2 seat CoPilot ELF $3,995. with only 73 miles, manufactured Feb. 2015 and garaged in Bantam, CT – 750W motor, 100W solar panel, ABS panels front/back, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 15Ah original battery plus a new 2nd battery, 3” Kenda Kraze Fat tires, black wheel cover, headlights, brake and signal lights, lockable trunk, dashboard and has 350 lb. payload capacity

AA360 front.jpg
AA360 rt side view.jpg
AA360 rear.jpg

SOLD  -  AA217 Arctic White Solo Version 1.0 - Price $1,299. manufactured June 2014, garaged in Nicholville, NY750W motor, 60W solar panel (unknown if panel works), steel antlers, ABS panels front/back, 3 spd SRAM, headlights, signals and brake lights, 2 10Ah original batteries, 26" tires, lockable trunk and supports a payload of 350 lbs.  Original owner.  Fixer Upper

Deficiencies : Back end showing stress cracks; cracked front panel, horn doesn’t work, lights don’t work but signal lights do work.  

AA217 Solo right side view.jpg
AA217 seat view.jpg
AA217 Solo Goddard front.jpg

SOLD  - AA674 Version 1.8 Arctic White 2FR, $3,200. manufactured Oct.'16, garaged in Naples, FL -        750W motor, 100W solar panel (functionality unknown), depleted 15Ah battery, legacy doors, appears to have low miles, Schwalbe 26" tires, carbon fiber safety panels front and back, 3 speed SRAM, scratch resistant back window, Cycle Analyst,12V/USB port, headlights, brake and signal lights and a payload of 350 lbs.   If everything worked, it would be worth $5K

AA674 2fr right side.jpg
Farrell inside - Copy.jpeg
AA674 2FR Naples front.jpg

SOLD    AA493 Version 1.7 Wasabi Green Solo, $3,150. manufactured July 15 garaged in Denver, Colorado 750W motor, 100W Solar roof, gray ABS panels front/back (non structural cracks), Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 15Ah original battery (good charge), 26" Schwalbe front tires plus extra new tires, Maxiss Hookworm 2.5" rear tire, LED side mirrors with signals, extra chains,  headlights, brake and signal lights, lockable trunk, dashboard and payload to support 350 lbs.  Fully functional and ready to ride!

SOLD  -   AA158 Version 1.5 Mango Orange Solo $3,150.-manufactured Feb. 2015, garaged in Denver, Colorado - 750W motor, 100W solar roof, silver carbon fiber safety panels front and back, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 15Ah original battery (no charger), dashboard, 3" Fat tires Kenda Kraze plus extra set, headlights, brake and signal lights, lockable trunk and payload of 350 lbs .   In great working and pristine body order.

NOW SOLD   -     AA408 Arctic White 2FR Version 1.7 - Price $3,500, manufactured in May 2015 garaged in Nicholville, NY with 800 estimated miles - 750W motor, 100W solar panel (needs testing),  3 spd SRAM, 11Ah original battery plus an older battery, 26" tires, legacy half doors, dashboard, headlights, signal and brake lights, lockable trunk and flooring to support 350 lbs.  Original owner 

NOW SOLD -  AA672 V. 1.8 Wasabi Green Solo $1,500 ‘as is’ manufactured Oct.’16  under 200 miles garaged in Pleasant Hill, CA recovered from theft with some damage but most everything works – 750W motor, 100W solar panel needing replacement, 15Ah original battery and 2 chargers, ABS panels front and back Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, Fat tires, headlights, signal and brake lights plus LED side mirror signals, trunk (popped lock), built to support 350 lb. payload.  Everything works except solar panel vandalized and wires cut; loose light cover and front panel cracked.  Fast sale desired.        

JUST SOLD  AA567 V. 1.7 Mango 2 seat ELF Reduced to $4,195. manufactured Dec. 2015 with 935 miles garaged in Richmond, VA750W motor, 100W solar roof, ABS panels front/back, 15Ah original battery, Cycle Analyst, Fallbrook Nuvinci CVT transmission, 12V/USB port, lockable trunk, headlights, signal and brake lights, dashboard, disc brakes with old pads, extra fender included, Sun Ringle tires with extra tubes (signs of some rot) and flooring with payload of 350 lbs. Minor deficiencies: crack in front panel, small crack front fender, hub nut rusted and corner of solar panel needs securing.   Second owner – Save on gas!


AA379 V.1.7 CoPilot $3,299. 1,470 miles, orig. battery, Cycle Analyst, Nuvinci in Barrington, MA - went to  N.C.

AA464 V 1.7 2FR $3,500. Cycle Analyst broken,, 2 batteries, carbon fiber bumpers, ELF cover- Now in Georgia

AA361 V.1.7 Rebuilt Solo $4,800., 3 spd w/pedal assist. in Scottsdale, AZ, 11 miles, Cycle Analyst. - Now in  L.A.

AA138 V1.0 Solo $3,200,, not inspected, 2 orig. batteries, deflated tires, no Cycle Analyst,   Stayed in WA State

AA479 V.1.7 2FR $9,450.  Never ridden, Cycle Analyst, new refurb. battery, garaged in Danville, CA- moved to Ft.Collins, CO

AA240 V.1.5 Solo $2,900  Ohio, low miles, new solar panel (wiring problem), controller needed installation, old battery. Now in IN

AA193 V.1 Upgraded $3,200. garaged in Raleigh, NC new battery, solar panel, tires; Cycle Analyst, new floors - now in Raleigh NC

AA045 V. 1. Solo in Cary, NC, low miles, Nuvinci, bad antlers $1,300. garaged sold to Raleigh resident

K 03  Updated Signature Solo,  $3,600.  upgraded plus  pedal assist, new battery, garaged in Mt. Pleasant, SC  -   Now in Chapel Hill, NC

AA734 V. 1.9 2FR $8,600. many extra parts, delivery includ., garaged, loaded,  935 miles, batteries, garaged Lynchburg, VA - Now in DC

AA685 V. 1.8 2FR in San Fran CA $5,600, had electrical  problem; Cycle Analyst, half doors, 15 Ah battery.   Stayed in San Fran.

AA631 V. 1.8 2FR in Durham NC $4,799. pristine ELF with good battery, 158 miles, half doors (wanted fast sale)  Now in DC

AA501 V.17 2FR in Omaha NB- $5,200. - 2 batteries, non-working solar panel, uninstalled new ELF Informer - now in UT

AA583 V.1.8 2FR in Boise, ID $5,399., 557 miles, new battery; new tires plus snow tire, doors, well maintained - now in UT

AA614 V.1.8 immaculate Solo $4,950. - original owner in San Luis Obispo, always garaged - new home Henderson, NV

AA765 V.1.9 2FR with 240 miles in NYC sold for parts $1,300.   Sold to ELF owner in New Jersey

AA710 V.19 2FR in CO, $5,299, low miles, Cycle Analyst, studded snow tires, great working condition - new home in Utah

AA615 V.1.8 Solo in Durham,NC $2,950., as is, high miles, unknown solar function, orig. battery, Cycle Analyst-now in MN

AA463 V.1.7  Solo in Temecula, CA, $3,500. 850 mi., new battery, not used in long time and uninspected. New owner in Las Vegas.

AA268 V1.5 Solo in Cary, NC, $4,000., 225 miles, steel antlers, orig. and new battery, garaged.  Sold to new owner in Raleigh, NC

AA221 V1.5 CoPilot in Olympia, WA,  $3,500. 1,421 mi, no inspection, new battery, headlight not working - new owner Olympia, WA

AA198 V.1.0 Mango Solo $3,100, <200 miles, non working solar and signals, in Seattle, WA - new owner in Seattle too.

AA634 V 1.8 Goji 2FR, $5500., 100 miles, Fat tires, 15Ah battery, doors, garaged in Falmouth, ME - went to Blufton, OH

AA639 V 1.8 Goji 2FR,$1889 miles, 2016 model, 2 batteries-non-working solar, half doors Durham NC - now in New Bern, NC

AA598 V 1.7 White 2FR, $5,400. orig. owner, garaged, cycle analyst, great condition in Berea, KY - went to MA

AA067 V 1.0 Mango Solo, $3,100. 10 mi., old battery, updated antlers, 60W solar panel Liberty, IA - new owner CO

AA571 V 1.7 Goji Solo, $4,595. <400 mi, exc. working order, doors 20 Ah battery, new Informer in Birmingham AL-went to MO

AA430 V1.7 Goji 2FR $5,400., 426 mi., new 16Ah battery, Cycle Analyst, orig. owner-garaged in Cary NC-new owner Raleigh, NC

AA026 V 1.0 Wasabi Green Solo $2,000.  3 spd Sram-malfunctioning,good antlers, new Hub, fender cracks, Maine- now in PA

AA202 V1.0 Mango Sold $2,500. with good antlers, fender crack, nonworking solar panel, Beaverton, OR - new owner nearby

AA358 V 1.7 Goji Red CoPilot, $5,000., 62 miles, garage in Scottsdale, AZ, new owner in Phoenix, AZ

AA603 V 1.7 Mango Orange Solo, $2,999. 800 miles approx, not inspected, Located Norfolk, VA - new owner Raleigh, NC

K045  Prototype Wasabi Green Solo, $1,700., electrical system not working; uninstalled ELF Informer, Located & sold in OR

AA582 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, $5,499., 50 miles, garaged, excellent condition Locate in Amelia Isl. FL - new owner Charlottesville VA

AA360 V 1.7 Wasabi Green CoPilot, $5,100, 48 mi., always garaged, Located in Jamestown, KY  - new owner in Connecticut

AA354 V.1.5  White CoPilot, $4,995.1200 miles, 2 batteries ,few upgrades, showed wear, Located St. Pete, FL- new owner nearby

K23 Wasabi Green Solo refurbished, 3000 mi., steel antlers, new battery, Price $3,500, Located Durham, NC new owner Durham, NC

AA656 V 1.8 Arctic White 2 seat Tactical, 291 mi., 1250W motor, 2 batteries, $6,000 Located in St. Michaels, MD  new owner N.J.

AA597 V 1.8 Mango Orange Limo, $5,500.<100 miles, new battery, garaged Located in Cincinnati, OH  new owner South Carolina

AA402 V 1.7 Wasabi Green Solo, 2,500 miles, body damage, 2 batteries $2,700. Located in Pleasanton CA. new owner one city over.

AA711 V 1.9 Wasabi Green Solo, 200 miles, new battery, $4695.  Located in Gardnerville, NV; new owner San Juan Capistrano, CA

AA390 V 1.7 Goji Red Solo, 99 miles, new solar panel, seat cover, tires, price $4,695. Located in W/S, NC; new owner NYC

AA509 V.1.7 Mango 2FR, 260 miles, doors, garaged, clean, $5,690. Located Corvallis, OR; new owner Eugene, OR

AA599 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, 1443 miles, solar not working, minor repairs, $3,980. Located in Columbia,MD-new owner in OH

AA501 V 1.7 Wasabi Limo, less than 200 miles, 2 batteries, Price $5,650. Located in Waukesha, WI-New owner in Omaha, NB

AA583 V 1.7 Goji Red 2FR, 450 miles, new battery, Located in Salt Lake, UT priced at $5,975.  New Owner in Boise, ID

AA224 V 1.5 Wasabi Solo, 1383 miles, 2 batteries, Located in Durham, NC priced at $3,900. New owner Princeton, NJ

AA471 V.1.7 Wasabi 2FR, 172 miles, loaded, Located in Austin, TX, priced $6,100.  New owner in Northern TX

AA571 V 1.7 Goji Solo, 300 miles max, new battery, Located in Clinton, IL, priced at $4,200., New owner Birmingham, AL 

AA494 V.1.7, Wasabi 2FR, 4 miles, not inspected; bad battery, Located Charlottesville, Priced at $5,200. New owner, Nashville, TN

AA126 V.1.0 Wasabi Solo, 60A solar, 3 spd, approx. 300 miles, Located Hoover, AL; priced at $1,000. New owner Roanoke, VA

AA652 V1.8 Goji 2FR loaded, 1,995 miles, Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Priced at $6,200.  New owner Richmond, VA

AA130 V.1.0 Wasabi Solo, $3,000. est. 1,000 miles, 3 speed, minor repairs, Located Durham, NC.  New owner Upstate NY

AA534 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, est. miles 15, some accident damage, Located Asheville, NC, Asking $5,200. New owner Sylva, NC

AA751 V.1.9 Wasabi Solo (loaded), 9 miles, Located Rockford, IL, Asking $4,750.  New owner in Baltimore, MD

AA256 v.1.5  Solo Mango, est. mileage 200, 3 speed, non working battery, Located in ME, Asking $2,250. New owner in Maine.

AA710 v.1.9  2FR Arctic White, only 4 miles, Located in Valdez, NM, Asking price $5,850.  New owner in Colorado 

AA534 V. 1.7 2FR Arctic White,10 miles, Located Wilmington, NC, Asking $5,890.  New Owner in Asheville, NC 

AA667 V. 1.8 2FR Goji Red, 11 miles, Located in San Jose, CA, Asking price $4,900. (wanted fast sale).  New Owner in Southern, CA

AA444 V. 1.7, 2FR Wasabi Green, 61 miles, Located in Durham, NC, Asking $5,700.  New owner in Cocoa Bch, FL

AA537 V.1.7 Wasabi Solo 361 miles, located in Nashville, TN Asking $4,380, New home Spain 

AA538 V1.7 White 2 seat Tactical with 1,250W motor, 730 miles  Located in Nashville, TN Asking $5,500. New owner Spain

AA703 V 1.9 2 seat Wasabi Green 2FR, Mileage  , Located Belfast, ME  Asking $6,900./sold in 3 days.  New Home Mechanicsburg, PA

AA625 V 1.8. 2 seat White Copilot  Approx. 2,000 miles Asking $3,200. or reasonable offer  Located in Maine  New home W. Mass. 

AA491 V 1.7. 2 seat Wasabi 2FR, 6 miles only, located S. Oregon, Asking was $5,250.   New home S. Oregon

AA441 V. 1.7 Goji Red Solo, 122 miles, located in Raleigh, NC, Asking $4,650.  Sold to new home in Coon Rapids, MI 

AA421 V.1.5  Arctic White 2FR, 67 miles, located in Birmingham, MI, Asking $5,200.

AA534 V.1.7 Arctic White 2FR, approx. 10 miles, located in Wilmington, NC, Asking $5,890.  Sold to new home in Asheville, NC

New owners comments: 



Thank you for your service. You are an asset to the ebike community. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your help in the sale of my ELF.   William from Pleasanton, CA

A special shout-out to Debbie Naves who “midwifed” the sale via her business   My own history with ELF and OT begins here, and in my case at least her help and encouragement was essential to me and seller closing the deal. The original owner of this mid-2016 AA625 commuted throughout Maine winters, and so it comes with a set of studded snows (not on yet).  Before recent rains melted the top half, the ELF sat comfortably in its snow garage. Today I took it to work for the first time.          Kevin Hale of Leeds, MA December 2019

Seller's Comments:

"As the ELF market receded and the virus surged, Debbie still brokered the sale of my five-year old, nearly-new 2FR, so that the transaction felt like an agreement among friends. "  David 

"At last, as I said, Brian's the one.  It's perfect for him and has has followed the ELF from its inception.  Thanks again for your efforts and most of all patience.   Phillip in Cary.

"Deborah at ElfBikeConnection was a great help in selling my Red 2FR. She already had all of the details of the bike ready to go, so posting my ad was as simple as listing my serial number and giving a few photos of the bike. She coordinated with potential buyers to have them come and test-ride the bike, and the bike was sold expediently. I wish selling a car was this easy!"

Guy of San Jose, CA  Feb. 20 

Debbie Naves does excellent work in facilitating Elf sales.  She is also an expert in all aspects of Elf vehicles—how to get parts and consultants on details. Debbie is thorough, careful, prompt and polite---it is a real pleasure to work with her” --- John Shelburne

This, and the whole process with you and Danny and Serena, has been been remarkable and has totally surpassed my expectations. Please feel welcomed to use this for the website. Happy to elaborate further.     Peter new owner in Asheville NC

"Cowabunga!  My ELF sale languished elsewhere, but Debbie's OT experience and marketing savvy made all the difference, and in short order, too - so grateful!"
Pat in Jacksonville, Oregon

Debbie;  Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in arranging the sale of my ELF.  You did a great job!!

Thanks Again,  Woodie     10/14/20  Birmingham, AL

"I give Debbie a five out of five. She is super efficient, responsive, and helpful. Things worked fast and they worked well.  Rob S."  8/5/20

I’m happy to let anyone who’s interested know that I very much appreciated Debbie's service; so much so that I added a premium to your standard fee.  Just ask Debbie to contact me.

Rick in Birmingham, MI

Anything that deals with the ELF Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable!! She sold our ELF in record time for an extremely fair price and walked us through every step of the way!We couldn't more highly recommend her !!!  Danny former ELF owner in Wilmington.

I definitely recommend ELFBikeConnection. Debbie was very responsive and easy to work with. She helped me gather the information needed for market analysis and determine a realistic asking price. Within a couple of weeks, she found a suitable buyer for my ELF who was able to pick it up and pay a fair price. I am very satisfied with the service and happy that my ELF has a new home.     -Eric in Bellingham, Washington


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