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ELFEBikeConnection is the national marketing resource for used ELFs.  These unique and rare electric trikes  are no longer being manufactured.  
They have now become a Collectible!

ELFEBikeConnection also offers assistance for maintenance, work-around parts, repairs, advice, and suggestions.  Upkeep is ideally accomplished if you have mechanical and electrical abilities; otherwise, one will want to seek out a good E-bike shop or knowledgeable friend.  A monthly Newsletter is emailed to all Subscribers.

ELFEBikeConnection was  3 years old on November 18th.

Here's some of my insights about this past year:

Fewer ELFs are available due to collisions, thefts, and units left in disrepair and abandoned. I've also learned gifted and privately sold ELFs may not be aware of ELFEBikeConnection and they don't have any support. The demand for ELFs is still quite strong.

ELF advocate/electrical engineer and ELF owner, Greg Parkhurst, is retiring his ELF products once they are sold out. This means the ELF Shields (doors) and the ELF Informer will be defunct. I will be offering duplicate keys for a minimum price. But more importantly the ELF Deluxe Side Shields will be a big loss SO.......would anyone be interested in taking over making and selling the Shields? The pattern and suggested materials are available; sourcing of the marine grade vinyl required. I will add a link on my website to assist in marketing. Please email me below if you are interested.   EMAIL

                                        FOR SALE
1. Solo V. 1 with good antlers, lots of extras  but not inspected and body crack needs repair.  Garaged in Fayetteville, AR        SOLD

2. Solo demo hardly used, top of the line setup fully working garaged in San Jose, CA

3. Solo ELF well appointed with components, good shape, mostly garaged located in North Carolina.

Jan 11, 2023 

New Information posted in 'Shipping_SupportInfo' tab top menu

   ELF Seat Replacement Options

This is the logo for our knowledgeable ELF owners who can assist you with repairs, offer suggestions, troubleshooting PLUS the above menu tab entitled 'Shipping/Support Info' offers valuable information.



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