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ELF Merchandise

T-Shirts-Greeting Cards-Ornaments-Mugs
Pillows-Puzzles-Tote Bags and more

Merchandise found at FineArtAmerica where full compliment is found on the main menu for each yearly picture.  There are dropdowns on the right side of page that expand to find MORE merchandise options.

elf-holiday-ORGNAMENT 2022-deborah-naves.jpg
elf decoration 2021.jpg
elf-holiday mug.jpg
Pillows - 2 sizes
 2021  Ornament
Mug - 2 sizes
elf-greeting card.jpg
ELF Tote bag.jpg
elf-holiday puzzle.jpg
2021 Greeting Card with per-
sonalized inside message
Tote Bag - 3 versions
Puzzle 18x24 (500 pcs.)
2020 Holiday Merchanse image.jpg
2020's Holiday Image Merchandise is also available
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