ELF Brokerage

Brokering an ELF - BUYERS and SELLERS

I’m an advocate of keeping things simple so this is how it works.    You appoint ELFEBikeConnection to either sell your ELF or to find an ELF for you.  I will have you complete an inspection list, appraise your ELF, sent photos and I'll take over from there.  ELFEBikeConnection will locate, qualify buyers or sellers, answer questions, discuss my support role and bring the two parties together to finalize an agreed purchase. Quite often there is a test ride conducted. The buyer and seller will complete the monetary transaction between themselves and I get paid when you do!  I will email you an invoice.


For either a Buyer or Seller, my Fee is a simple 5 1/2% of sales price and carries a minimum of $135. payable when you receive your money.  I ask the Buyer/Seller to give me full realm to sell/find an ELF without their participation during the marketing process so I can use my best efforts towards a speedy, targeted and knowledgeable sale/purchase.  When you notify me your ELF is sold, I will email an invoiced to you.  I also send the new owner all kinds of supporting documentation, videos and links.  Again, the minimum is $135.00 and all sales are final at the discretion of the participating buyers and sellers.   


I ask all owners to work through a 126 Point Inspection to make sure the bike is functioning properly. We can then disclose any issues to a buyer and price the ELF accordingly.  I provide full explanation of how to accomplish these tasks.  Then photos are required for marketing.  

To help facilitate purchases with troubled ELFs, I can refer you to an experienced ELF and certified LEVA technician with whom you can work to repair, purchase most parts or diagnose an issue.  This remedial work will be done via phone, Zoom with either yourself, your bike shop or perhaps a bike savvy friend. Sometimes he can come to you or you can send him your ELF for the repairs.  ELFEBikeConnection does not get involved with this transaction and is not responsible for referral vendor's or other suppliers' warranties .   INDEMNITY CLAUSE

Now with this knowledge and assistance, you can make an educated decision to sell/purchase!  (See Reviews at the bottom of this page and on my Inventory page)  


Contact me by completing the initial NEEDS FORM for either a buyer or seller below.  Then we can talk!

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 'I can unequivocally recommend Deborah Naves' business, ELFeBikeConnection! We needed to sell an Elf, and she found the ideal buyer and secured a good price. The whole transaction was practically seamless. So if you need to sell, or want to buy an Elf car (or you want to hear some jazz) she's the one. '  Steve in Maine
'Debbie did an excellent job helping me sell my ELF. She is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Debbie gave me a complete checklist so she could come up with the right price. Everything went smooth and once I completed the checklist and made sure everything was in good working order she had my ELF sold in a flash. Thanks Debbie for a job well done!  Alan Cline, Phoenix, AZ

 A special shout-out to Debbie Naves who “midwifed” the sale via her business  https://www.elfebikeconnection.com/   My own history with ELF and OT begins here, and in my case at least her help and encouragement was essential to me and seller closing the deal. The original owner of this mid-2016 AA625 commuted throughout Maine winters, and so it comes with a set of studded snows (not on yet).  Before recent rains melted the top half, the ELF sat comfortably in its snow garage. Today I took it to work for the first time.   Kevin Hale of Leeds, MA 

I had a very positive experience with ELFEBikeConnection. Was able to make a good, early connection with Debbie who gave clear guidance on what services she offers and how best to position my two ELFs for sale. Within just a couple weeks, she was able to identify an international buyer for both bikes who were willing to pay for my asking price. The buyer needed to sort out shipping logistics and Debbie remained present and committed to help out as needed.  Debbie knows ELF and understands the current market for the ELF both domestically and internationally. She is a pleasure to deal with, a real professional. She made my experience selling two ELFs seamless and nearly painless. I would highly recommend prospective sellers and buyers to ELFEBikeConnection!       John Deane of Nashville, TN

"Deborah at ElfBikeConnection was a great help in selling my Red 2FR. She already had all of the details of the bike ready to go, so posting my ad was as simple as listing my serial number and giving a few photos of the bike. She coordinated with potential buyers to have them come and test-ride the bike, and the bike was sold expediently. I wish selling a car was this easy!"
Guy of San Jose, CA  Feb. 2020 

Anything that deals with the ELF Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable!! She sold our ELF in record time for an extremely fair price and walked us through every step of the way!We couldn't more highly recommend her !!!  Danny former ELF owner in Wilmington.