An important part of my success in finding new homes for so many ELFs comes from having worked at Organic Transit for 4 years and accumulated ELF specialized information. 

My efforts are proactive, thorough, fair and equitable.


I like to keep things simple so this is how it works: 

I'll confirm the description of your ELF from Organic Transit's manufacturing database for marketing and assessment purposes. To make sure everything is working properly, I'll send you my 18 point Inspection List that will explain how to do more technical aspects of the inspection. I will also ask you to send me some photos.  If we find something is not working, we'll discuss your options and make decisions on the best way to proceed.  


I will then provide you with my evaluation from which you can choose a price and I will take over from there!  I only ask you give me free realm to sell your ELF without any efforts to do so on anyone else's part.   I will post your listing on my website, in the monthly newsletter, Facebook , my database of interested buyers and open market sites from which I deflect those evil scammers . 

I qualify buyers, answer their questions, explain available resources, follow up and notify you when a prospect wants to see your ELF or talk to you.  You then complete the sale (with any help needed from me along the way).  You collect your payment and I'll invoice you my fee.  The buyer incurs any shipping costs unless you work out something else.  I also send the new owner an information packet:  Owner's Manual, diagrams, videos, links, replacement part and repair suggestions for their particular ELF version.  They love this.


My fee is basically a finder's fee of 5.5% of the sales price or $185. minimum fee.   

By the way, this same service can be offered to a Buyer who wants me to find them an ELF.  It's just the flip side of my efforts.

Note:  ELFEBikeConnection will be closed August for restructuring.

The forms below can get us started.......or just give me a call.


  Seller Needs Form

ELF No. - Mileage - Kind of Mileage - Garaged?

List Defects (if any)

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 Buyer Needs Form

ELF No. - Mileage - Kind of Mileage - Garaged?

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Debbie was a joy to work with, as well as very experienced and professional. She explained how to get my ELF ready and took me through every part of the process.   Debbie introduced me to several interested parties and helped the buyer with shipping options. As sad as I was to sell my ELF, it was a great experience because of Debbie.  Mary from Nashville - summer 2021

 'I can unequivocally recommend Deborah Naves' business, ELFeBikeConnection! We needed to sell an Elf, and she found the ideal buyer and secured a good price. The whole transaction was practically seamless. So if you need to sell, or want to buy an Elf car (or you want to hear some jazz) she's the one. '  Steve in Maine
'Debbie did an excellent job helping me sell my ELF. She is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Debbie gave me a complete checklist so she could come up with the right price. Everything went smooth and once I completed the checklist and made sure everything was in good working order she had my ELF sold in a flash. Thanks Debbie for a job well done!  Alan Cline, Phoenix, AZ

 A special shout-out to Debbie Naves who “midwifed” the sale via her business   My own history with ELF and OT begins here, and in my case at least her help and encouragement was essential to me and seller closing the deal. The original owner of this mid-2016 AA625 commuted throughout Maine winters, and so it comes with a set of studded snows (not on yet).  Before recent rains melted the top half, the ELF sat comfortably in its snow garage. Today I took it to work for the first time.   Kevin Hale of Leeds, MA 

I had a very positive experience with ELFEBikeConnection. Was able to make a good, early connection with Debbie who gave clear guidance on what services she offers and how best to position my two ELFs for sale. Within just a couple weeks, she was able to identify an international buyer for both bikes who were willing to pay for my asking price. The buyer needed to sort out shipping logistics and Debbie remained present and committed to help out as needed.  Debbie knows ELF and understands the current market for the ELF both domestically and internationally. She is a pleasure to deal with, a real professional. She made my experience selling two ELFs seamless and nearly painless. I would highly recommend prospective sellers and buyers to ELFEBikeConnection!       John Deane of Nashville, TN

"Deborah at ElfBikeConnection was a great help in selling my Red 2FR. She already had all of the details of the bike ready to go, so posting my ad was as simple as listing my serial number and giving a few photos of the bike. She coordinated with potential buyers to have them come and test-ride the bike, and the bike was sold expediently. I wish selling a car was this easy!"
Guy of San Jose, CA  Feb. 2020 .  

Anything that deals with the ELF Debbie is incredibly knowledgeable and reliable!! She sold our ELF in record time for an extremely fair price and walked us through every step of the way !  We couldn't more highly recommend her !!!  Danny former ELF owner in Wilmington.