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                              BUYERS AND SELLERS SERVICES

If you want to sell your ELF, ELFEBikeConnection will help you prepare your ELF for marketing for many different platforms by sending you a detailed Inspection Checklist.  A pricing assessment is extrapolated from existing sales and the results of your inspection. The Seller then chooses the marketing price.

ELFEBikeConnection will actively market your ELF, exclusively and without any participation from the owner, so prospects can be vetted, answer questions, conduct follow-ups, make suggestions, and give guidance to make the person feel comfortable with their decision.  At this point these educated buyers are connected to the ELF owner who completes the sale. ELFEBikeConnection continues to assist both parties as needed.  A Finder’s Fee of 5.5% of the sale’s price or a minimum of $190.00 is invoiced to the Seller at the time full payment of the ELF is received.                  Simple and by the Honor System.

If you want ELFEBikeConnection to find you an ELF, the same fee is applicable.




Debbie Naves created ELFEBikeConnection in Nov. 2019.  She worked in many capacities at Organic Transit for almost 4 years and is still friends with Rob and Maureen, the Founders. Debbie worked in Sales and Operations for several corporations and owned her own real estate business for 12 years. She was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts and has been living in Raleigh NC for many years. She and her husband are Jazz musicians and Debbie is also a Fine Art Painter.


The assets of Organic Transit were purchased around January of 202 by Petrosun in Phoenix, AZ.  There has not been any indication of reopening. 

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