We’re here to continue the ELF legacy!

My name is Debbie Naves.  I worked for Organic Transit for over four years, primarily as the main salesperson and trainer in addition to Logistics.  If you purchased a new ELF, you probably spoke with me!   My entrepreneurship and years of sales  in the business world calls me to this venture. Now that Organic Transit has closed it's doors, I am often contacted by ELF owners for sell their ELFs.  So I’m putting my best foot forward to carry on the ELF's greatness.  

The ‘main purpose’ of ELFEBikeConnection is to connect buyers and sellers of/for used ELFs in the United States via a referral structure.  To help facilitate this brokerage, I am putting together a small network of experienced ELF people and ELF Specialist to compensate the lack of warranties and some parts require workarounds.  If your ELF is not operating, then how can you easily sell it?  Therefore, the repairs are a necessary means to an end.  My expertise is the ‘connection’ part.  I am not in the ELF repair business.


Another part of ELFEBikeConnection is information and even ELF merchandise.  Check out my website to find what you need.  Most information can be found in the 'Shipping/How To" tab along the top.  I hope it’s easy to navigate.  I will be updating and adding information regularly.         


Stay tuned for updates!

12/22/20  OK here's the latest update:  Organic Transit has been purchase to a Mr. LeBlanc who is in the Energy business.  He's working on this business plan.  He has a long way to go.    Organic Transit will return!

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